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August 10-12, 2018

50th Reunion -- Click here for the pictures.

Click here to see a video of Ralph Ebersol's fascinating presentation about our class and the time we grew up in.

Friday night we gathered at Reno's West for a meet and greet, and greet we did. On Saturday some of us toured Sexton High School to see what it looks like now. It's still in pretty good shape. That evening we met at Eagle Eye in Dewitt for a semi-formal dinner and dance which was also attended by three of our former teachers. Character artist, Dennis Preston, did amazing portraits of many of us. Sunday morning about 30 of us met at Kellogg Center on MSU campus for a great farewell buffet brunch. We're looking at having more casual get-togethers in the future--perhaps every year. Check back here often, and be sure to keep your email address updated with us. (See the form at the bottom of the page.)

July 27, 2013

45th Reunion
On Saturday, July 27th we met at Coral Gables for a great dinner and get-together. Stories old and new were told. You can see the looks of good humor and even disbelief at some of the tall tales. Click here to see the pictures. There was talk of a 50th reunion and even whispers of a 100th if technology continues to advance.

And as happened at our previous reunions, time ran out before we were done visiting.

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March 1, 2010

We had a 60th Birthday Party!
Jim Lovitt called me back in January (2010) and told me he had noticed that quite a few of the 1968ers he sees regularly have either hit the big Six-Oh or are closing in on it. So he organized a get together Saturday, February 20 at 6:00 at Coral Gables, 2838 East Grand River Avenue in East Lansing. It was set up so you can order dinner or not. Everybody had separate checks with tax and gratuity figured in, so it was a lot less work for the organizing committee.

It was much more casual than the last reunion. We had a good time and it was over all too fast. Talk is that we'll probably have a picnic sometime this summer, so stay tuned. (October 15 -- Hmmm... Summer's gone and no picnic. Can you have a picnic in the snow?)

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September 2009

It was a GREAT 40th reunion! And everybody looked exactly the same as when we were in school. Check out the pictures here. The only part I (Mitch Stutes) feel bad about is that I didn't get to talk to everybody. And even the conversations I did have only lasted a few minutes. But it was a lot of fun to find out what we've become. It seems as if the winds of life have blown us all around in directions we could never have anticipated.

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The reunion team would like to have this get together more often. Things that made it so difficult to organize in the past had to do with mailings, arranging a room, guaranteeing we have a minimum number of attendees, figuring out a menu and collecting money. Now that we have email, we've solved one problem. So our new idea is to get a large meeting room at a restaurant or sports bar and let everybody order (or not) what they please. That way it will simplify the event from our side so we might even meet once a year. A good number of our classmates have already passed on, so we probably shouldn't wait 5 years between reunions. We'll email you as we make the decisions.

If you've never given us your email address be sure you sign our guestbook below and give us all your info. (If you've already given us your email address, you don't need to do it a second time - but if you change your address, make sure you let us know.) And be sure to tell anybody else you know who graduated with us to sign in here, too.

We'll continue to email you with updates about future events. But please keep us current with your email address. And make sure you get us off your spam list.

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